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The Creekside home philosophy of building is based on achieving superior craftsmanship on all levels. Our commitment to excellence serves as the foundation on which we build every custom home. It is our dedication to ensures that your new home will meet your highest expectations.

Creekside provides everything you need to build your dream home. We start with the overall environment surrounding your new home, making sure that your home makes an aesthetic statement that goes beyond your property lines. Sound engineering and construction practices guarantees that every Creekside home meets the stringent standards required in custom home construction from design planning to interior color and texture application – Creekside builds North Idaho’s custom homes.

Creekside Construction
We have been serving North Idaho for over 30 years. Adding to the character and distinctive features of every Creekside custom home, Creekside has the unique ability to maximize views on any lot. Creekside doesn’t just build homes, our team of professionals envisions your lifestyle and creates splendor. In addition to new home construction Creekside also assists customers renewing the beauty of their existing homes with custom remodels or renovations.

Honesty and integrity are key characteristics in a trusted ‘hometown’ builder. Creekside prides itself on fostering every relationship with these qualities. The Creekside team has established lifetime relationships with clients, business partners, and the best-skilled tradesman in our area.

We work every day to improve the quality of our services


At Creekside, every custom home we build is as unique as each one of our clients, and our ability to turn your visions into reality is the distinction of our craftsmanship. Our commitment to you is not only to create a one-of-a-kind home that is uniquely yours, but to provide an enjoyable and memorable building experience from start to finish.

Peace of mind comes with excellence, and at Creekside Construction our reputation is in delivering both.



At Creekside Construction, we understand that your business’s success relies on an attention to detail and the ability to stay on budget. We think your next commercial building project should be no different. Creekside Construction prides itself on its reputation of being one of North Idaho’s premier commercial builders with a track record of delivering excellence on the dollar.

Quality. Value. Professionalism. At Creekside Construction, we believe you deserve nothing less.

Creekside is the leader in Restoration in the NW. If your home has been a victim of damage we are the team to take care of it, we apply the same high end custom quality as if you where building from the ground up.

We pride ourselves in remodels as an extension to our home construction. Let us transform you home into you dream home with the highest quality offered.

When disaster strikes we are the ones to bring you immediate help.

More than 30 Experience in the North West


Larry Westfall Coeur d’Alene, ID
We were in the process of moving to Coeur d’Alene and had a 2 to 3 week window before furniture arrived and wanted to get work done in an empty house. They came and estimated the work and did it all while we were absent. It was done on time and made our move-in a much more pleasant experience than it would have been if done after we moved-in. It was not a large job but they gave it a great deal of attention and the follow- up was excellent. They are knowledgeable and easy to work with. We plan to do much more using them.

Dawna Hunter Post Falls, ID
This is a family owned company that excels in their customer service. Our family suffered a house fire and during the rebuilding of our home we were treated with respect from everyone including crews. They were professional and courteous. The attention to detail and excellence in achieving our wishes while maintaining our budget, are skills that Derek excelled in. I was so glad we chose to work with them. I highly recommend this company for any work big or small. You will not be disappointed.

Cherie Young Coeur d’Alene, ID
After I had a house fire in May of 2013, Creekside Construction was the company I chose to complete the remodel. I lost everything in the house. It had to be ripped apart from the studs to the sub flooring. In less than 3 months, they were able to reconstruct my home. The speed and efficiency with which they did their job was more than I could have expected. I had a great deal of customized upgrades in my home and Creekside ensured that everything was put back to the pre-fire condition. The whole project went well. Everything was completed ahead of schedule. In fact, I have hired Creekside to do some more remodeling on my unfinished basement.

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